3-5 November 2021 - Virtual Conference




TAKE A LOOK ON TWITTER @amycbiomed --> follow the #AMYCBIOMED2021

INFORMATION FOR ORAL and SLIDE&TALK: You have received a special ZOOM link for participating as PANELIST! If you do not have the link (it has been sent on 29 October 2021), check in your SPAM BOX, and if you do not have.. contact us!!!

INFORMATION ATTENDANTS: You have received six ZOOM links for participating as ATTENDEES, here we attach the links that you will need to use to follow the conference and to make questions to the speakers!!!

Here you find all the links for attending the different sessions, for those that are not speakers:

3 November 2021 - Analytical Chemistry

AMYC-BIOMED 2021 - Analytical Chemistry Session 1:

AMYC-BIOMED 2021 - Analytical Chemistry Session 2:

4 November 2021 - Medicinal Chemistry

AMYC-BIOMED 2021 - Medicinal Chemistry Session 1:

AMYC-BIOMED 2021 - Medicinal Chemistry Session 2:

5 November 2021 - Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery

AMYC-BIOMED 2021 - Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery Session 1:

AMYC-BIOMED 2021 - Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery Session 2:

YOUTUBE STREAMING: The conference will be also available on YouTube channel of SCI Giovani -->

Under-40 scientists (undergraduates, PhDs, postdoctoral researchers, assistant professors) are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts for Oral Communication, "Slide&Talk" and Poster.

Type of contribution
  • Oral communications: 12 + 3 min Q/A
Classic format of oral communication (suggested to Assistant Professors)
  • "Slide&Talk": 5 min (no Q/A)
Given the success of the previous edition, we propose again the "Slide&Talk" format based on a 5-min talk with the possibility to use only 1 slide. This contribution has been thought for moving the presentation a little bit more informal and straight (suggested to early-stage postdocs/PhD students)

  • Poster: (One slide only - PowerPoint format, 4:3, Font: Calibri, Max: 32, Min: 14) 

Opportunity to highlight results through our brand-new Twitter account (@amycbiomed), use the hashtag to cite the meeting #AMYCBIOMED2021 (suggested to PhD students/Undergrad. students) 


--- Poster session will be performed on Twitter ---

So, if you still do not have a Twitter account you need to create, and we suggest creating that ASAP in order to increase your followers to spread your poster.


1) Create a Twitter account (if you do not have it)

2) Follow the official account of the conference (@amycbiomed) 

3) Post your poster as an image (4:3 format)

4) Write a catchy sentence for readers. 

All the sentences will be anticipated by two hashtags #AMYCBIOMED2021 #ANAL#CHEM or #AMYCBIOMED2021 #MED#CHEM or #AMYCBIOMED2021 #PHARMA#TECH (depending on your field of interest), and closed by citing the account of the conference @amycbiomed

Example of text (for one working in the analytical field):
#AMYCBIOMED2021 #ANAL#CHEM Do you know is possible to use chromatography to detect trace of pharmaceutical residues? In this work a user-friendly procedure has been developed and boosted by the use of... nanomaterials! @amycbiomed 

You will be allowed to share your Poster on Twitter starting from 9:00 CET of 3rd November to 18:00 CET of 5th November

During the duration of the conference (9:00 CET of 3rd November to 18:00 CET of 5th November), everyone will be able to read your poster, comment on your poster, appreciate your poster, share your poster, and you will have the opportunity to answer the possibile curiosities around your work. The interaction is important, because coupled to the evaluation of the scientific committee, will define the poster award... so, make a great poster and spread the voice!

    IMPORTANT!!! Acceptance of specific type of contribution is not solely dependent on the career-stage!!! Excellence matters!!! 

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